Kendall is an important person to talk about. One of the reasons this organization was founded was Kendall’s struggles with visiting a typical salon or barber shop. His mom mentioned that she had to cut his hair when he was sleeping. Kendall is an amazing kiddo and his mom, Rhea,  answered some questions for us so we could get to know Kendall and his unique story.

LTL: What are three things you love about Kendall?

Rhea: I love Kendalls spirit. He is happy 95% of the time. He’s happiness is contagious. I love that Kendall is in love with learning. He enjoys learning new things in school. And will do his work willingly (on a good day of course).
I love Kendall’s love for our family. His love for sister, dad, and I is true, and evident.

LTL: What is currently a struggle?

Rhea: Our current struggle with Kendall is his behavior. I struggle sometimes, more so than Dad. He doesn’t understand that things can’t always be immediate, or the way that he’d like them to be.

LTL: When did you first suspect Kendall had autism?

Rhea: I first suspected autism around 2 years of age. But by the age of 1, I already knew that he was different. I had Kendall examined at 3 years old. It was at that time that he was diagnosed.

LTL: What advice do you have for people who are unfamiliar with autism?

Rhea:  The advice that I have for people who are unfamiliar with autism would simply be patience. All people that are on the spectrum are not the same. But if we care to take the time, and attempt to see how their brain works specifically (what makes them happy, sad, uncomfortable, angry, etc.), we’d all be better off. I truly believe this.

Rhea has some wonderful advice for people who are unfamiliar with autism. Every person is different, even those people with autism. Kendall has attended almost all of our Caring Cuts events, and he has demonstrated improvement with each visit. Hopefully these experiences will continue to assist him and visiting a salon or barber shop will no longer be a struggle. We are so thankful to have Kendall and his amazing family as part of our organization.